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BhaturaDAO is a corner on the internet where builders unite out of love for bhatura and ship like they eat chhole.

  • We are a community of passionate builders/designers/writers/artists/gamers (...and many more. We welcome everyone :* ).
  • We take care of all our frens because everyone is our bestieee.
  • Our Ultimate aim is to become a fun product house that gets together once in a while over chole bhature dates, spend some quality time, and forget about all the BTs for some time :)

Incentives of becoming our bestiee

  • All our besties are at the top of their fields, whether design/dev or content creation. Our goal is to provide a friendly, motivating environment where no one hesitates to ask whether it is a small doubt or a whole idea.
  • Since we are DAO so we'll be launching some exclusive decentralised perks too for our besties in terms of $BHATURA tokens, NFTs, AirDrops, and cool schwagss.